The Jockey Club proposes to build 318 apartments (up to 6 storeys high) and a 150 bed hotel at various locations around the racecourse. The whole of Sandown Park is in the Greenbelt and we do not believe this development should be allowed.

Sandown park, Esher

Site 1: 15 apartments (1-3 storeys high) are in very close proximity to the rear of residential housing on Esher Green at the top of More Lane. The proposed access to this site would be within the Esher Conservation Area and onto an already busy and narrow road due to necessary street parking.

Site 1 access.jpg

Site 2: 1 large block of 49 apartments on the already congested Portsmouth Road.


Site 3: 9 blocks with 114 apartments is on Lower Green Road at the busy and accident prone corner where it joins with More Lane. There are currently 7 homes for Sandown Staff on this site, 4 of which are bungalows. Policy states that you can extend or replace existing buildings on greenbelt land with those with the same volume or with an addition of 10%. The Jockey Club assured Esher residents that they were going to keep the “green buffer” which is between Lower Green Road and the racecourse. However they have submitted plans where they want to use this "green buffer” as a car park.

Site 3 access.jpg
Site 3 layout plans.jpg


Site 4: 70 1-3 bedroom apartments, 4-6 storeys) is also on Greenbelt off Station Road behind Cafe Rouge. The proposed access to the site will be within metres of the busy junction with Portsmouth Road. Numerous times each day the queue of traffic to turn on to Portsmouth Road stretches beyond the entrance to Esher Station.

site 4 access plans.jpg
site 4 layout plans.jpg

Site 5: 4 blocks with 68 apartments (3-4 storeys) on the very busy Portsmouth Road.

Site 5 access plans.jpg
Site 5 layout plans.jpg